Friday, October 7, 2011


No, not the condiment! Ketchup is the nastiest thing ever invented anyway! 
This is more like 'Catch Up'!  This Summer has been super crazy and I want to blog about the changes happening in my tummy and my life. 
Where to begin....


I met Rob on the 7th of June when I went to go and cash a check from my aunt and uncle. He was working as a teller at Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) in Tallahassee. After some small talk, I told him my plans of moving to Arizona the next week and how I needed to paint the town red one more time before my departure. After some obvious flirting, he slipped me his number and told me to call him. We went out the next night and had a blast! We went to Mint, had some Shirley Temples, headed to Whataburger where  I preceded to out-eat him and then watched my FAVORITE movie ever: Steel Magnolias. We just talked and talked until we realized it was 6 in the morning and he had work in an hour. So I headed out and we hung out everyday until I left for AZ.

When I got to AZ, I missed my newly found family (more on that next time) and Rob, and a family member was sick so after 5 days, My Daddy flew me home. Rob came and spent every weekend with my family and I. All of June and most of July, he would drive Friday night after work from Tally to Jacksonville and would do the reverse trip on Sunday night...sometimes crazy early Monday morning if I could convince him!


In mid July, I spent a week visiting Rob in Tallahassee which is when our little gum-drop was conceived! (TMI?) 

**DETOUR: When I was a teenager, I was told that I would have an extremely hard time getting AND staying pregnant. I was convinced it wouldn't happen for me. I was also amazed that I had a first normal period in months on July 1st. It was totally out of left field. So when I had some spotting on the 17th, I chalked it up to the return of irregular periods. I was also on the pill and had been for years. I wasn't trying to get pregnant by any means but I have always wanted nothing more than to be a mommy and with every complication, no matter the timing, I was devastated. It was a reminder that the road to my dream would be a bumpy one.

So, when I noticed my body was changing and growing out of nowhere (I'm not complaining!) I was a little curious but just thought another (hopefully) period was on it's way. My Daddy was joking that I may be pregnant. I kept telling him he was full of crap that there was no way that it was even possible. So after lots of pleading from him to just take a test, We bought a 2 pack at Target on the 26th of July. Rob had no clue! So, the next day, Wednesday, the 27th of July, I peed on a stick expecting a negative. 

My Dad and I were talking casually waiting the eternal 2 minutes when I grabbed it, flipped it over, and saw a BRIGHT and OBVIOUS blue plus sign. I think I sad "Oh my Gosh" about a hundred times. My dad grabbed it and looked at it and said the same thing. I got teary eyed and thought about what this meant. Although some of the circumstances were not ideal, I was really excited about having a child and being a Mom. 

I texted Rob on his way to work (he still lives in Tallahassee at this point) and had a picture of a bib that said, "my daddy's tattoos are cooler than your daddy's". He said it was cute and that his kid would need that one day. Then I called him and told him I was going to send him another text but that he HAD to call me as SOON as it arrived. he agreed and I sent a picture of the positive test. He called back confused. The conversation went like this:

L: Do you know what that is?
R: A pregnancy test?
L: yeah, do you know what it says?
R: No...
L: It says positive....(silence)
R: Whose is it?
R: Wait what?

It was so funny to hear him put it all together. He said he was really happy and was in shock. We texted throughout the day and that night he drove over to see me. He got here at 10pm and left the next morning at 4am to make it to work on time.

Long story short, he moved here 2 weeks later, got a place set up, and have been documenting this miracle baby. (he's a photographer)

In September, we heard baby's heart beat and are now at 14 weeks and loving it!

I'll write more soon! I gotta pee!


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